Five Most Valuable Baseball Cards

A Look at the Crown Jewels of the Hobby

Sports cards can hit astronomical value if they are rare and in good condition at the time of sale. Valuable baseball cards even hit headlines whenever they are sold for thousands of dollars. For instance, the rare Black Lotus card hit the headlines in 2013 when it fetched a price value of $27,000. And then another rare trading card called ''Illustrator'' was sold for $50k at an auction just around this time. Now, when people talk about sports cards, the game of baseball comes into mind. After all, Baseball has achieved a long history in the American sports arena. So it's easy to see why rare baseball cards should fetch a value that is similar to that of a home.

Let's take a look at some iconic baseball cards that have fetched the highest price tag in history:

1 Edie Plank -- fetches $188k

They are the most expensive pieces of baseball cards on the planet. They date back to as early as 1909-1911, and there are only 100 of them existing in the world. Surprisingly, when these baseball cards by Edward Stewart Plank came into the market, they were very cheap to buy. You could literally get one for free.

2 Joe Jackson fetched $199,750

This American outfielder was nicknamed Shoeless Joe because of his amazing baseball talent when he used to play in the early 20th century. The baseball card which was sold under the name Joe Jackson 1910, fetched a cool $199,750 because it was made of high quality material and was rare to find. This baseball card was sold while in a very good condition. Its rarity comes from the fact that there is no data showing examples of the same card existing anywhere in the world.

3 Joe Jackson-- fetched $204K

This one is another popular series that was released under the name of Joe Jackson. It must have fetched such a high price tag simply because he got banned for life. He could not play the game for the rest of his life. Despite this ban which ruined his career, he is still considered the most popular hitter of all time. And for the price of $204k, only wealthy individuals across the world can afford to collect and keep his piece in their treasure collections.

4 Honus Wagner -- priced at $219k

As time goes by, so does the price of baseball cards rocket higher. This one by Honus Wagner is valued at $219k. He was nicknamed The Flying Dutchman because he was so quick in the field. Yet again, he had a German origin, hence the Ducthman name.

Now, let's face it. The reason why this baseball card is priced so highly is because its demand keeps rising each day. Right now it's worth $219k.

5 Ty Cobb -- priced at $273K

This baseball card is priced at a 6 figure value because of its scarcity and also the fact that it is appreciated by collectors across the world. Ty Cobb baseball card has also proved to be increasingly elusive due to the fact that there are many people currently willing to pay a fortune to get it.

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